Taiwo Foundation

I chose to participate in this trip because I wanted to see a different country besides my own. I also wanted to try new things and be exposed to things I wouldn’t see everyday. I wanted to make an impact on some young adults lives by just being there to encourage them.

This trip was the first time I got a passport, went on a plane, and went out of the country. The most memorable thing about Trinidad is how close the homes are and the amazing view. Listening to some of the conversations, there was a lot of problems there that had to deal with murder, etc.

The most memorable moment I had was when we were doing all girls night and I told the girls to write down five things they love about themselves. The activity was to help them with self love. This little girl said she was ugly. My heart broke when I heard that so I went over there, talked to her telling her that she was beautiful. As I was helping her write down the five things she liked about herself, when we reached the last one she said she wanted to say that she was beautiful. It was that moment I realized that any one person can have an impact on somebody’s life and that words are powerful.

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