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I really think what Movement of Youth and the Taiwo Foundation are doing is extremely special because not only are they helping to find opportunities for youth to continue their education off the Island, but they are also bringing in youth from the states to help out. I think one of the biggest things they do though, is giving the youth from the Island that are doing the right thing, a platform to be great examples. This is important because in my opinion getting someone out of a rough situation is only half of the battle. Being able to get that person to go back to that situation and better it for someone else is the other half.   This trip has motivated me to continue to, not only, be a part of what Movement of Youth and the Taiwo Foundation is doing in St. Vincent, but to also convince more people to join the cause and partake in this experience or a similar one.  It also has increased my drive to have more of impact back here in North Carolina, specifically in my hometown—Jeffery Campbell, UNC Charlotte

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